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Unfortunately, there is usually one or two persons looking after the security of your website and millions trying to break into it, so like keeping current backups of your site, security is not a “nice to have” it’s a must have.  A hacker is a person who attempts(and sometimes succeeds) to break into your website to carry out malicious activities like stealing your information, or your customer’s information.  Hackers will also attempt to corrupt your web files and in general wreak havoc on your website.

Taking precaution against attacks is essential.  There are several methods which might be employed to prevent hackers from wrecking your day not to mention your business.  

Should you decide to develop your own website you need to secure it.  Usually, the tools to do this are an additional charge from web hosting services.  They will offer such things as malware scans and firewalls.   Firewalls will filter what is believed to be an attempt by an unauthorized person from accessing parts or all of your website.  Malware is software a hacker will place on your site.  It can do many things such as record and send information to the hacker or change the way your information is presented to your customers.

We lockdown websites we design with advanced software which periodically scans for malware and places a firewall in front of your site.  As an additional service we will monitor scan results and take action on threats.