Backup and Recovery

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A website is a collection of files and a data base.  A backup is a copy of data from your database and web files that can be used to reconstruct your website. Backups can be divided into physical backups and logical backups.

You may ask why do I need this.  There are several reasons why you need this.

1.    Hackers love to compromise your website by corrupting or deleting your files and data base.

2.    You may add things to your data base that you later find are in error.

3.    Your hosting provider may lose a disk or server resulting in data loss

You may think your hosting provider automatically backs you site up, but this is not always the case.  Most hosting providers charge an additional fee for doing backups.   In many cases if you need to revert to a backup you will either have to restore your files yourself or you’ll have to pay someone to restore your site.  If you don’t have a valid backup you may have to build your site from scratch. 

 It is generally good practice to have a local and offsite backup.  An offsite backup is a backup which does not reside in the same physical place were your onsite backup is stored.

The message is have backups and backups of your backups.

As an additional service we will regularly back up your site and it’s database.  the regularity of backups will depend on how many changes you make.  Should you need we will restore your site and database.